NEW WORKS FESTIVAL (The Royal Social Distancing Company, Spring 2021)

In its latest virtual offering, the recently hatched Royal Social Distancing Company made a 180 from Shakespeare to world premieres with its New Works Festival, March 6–8, 2021.

With the relaxed vibes and friendly atmosphere that infuses every RSDC production, the festival featured a slate of new works in development, ranging from the classic ten-minute one-act to excerpts from full-length plays. At the end of each, the playwright and director hosted a short talkback and question session with the audience. I found this helped deepen my own connection to the work I had just seen — by the activity and excited conversations in the Zoom chat, I found I was not alone.

Critic’s Pick:

Top Three Plays:


Soon, Again, Not Yet

Garage Band

Top Three Performances:

Joe Staton in Soon, Again, Not Yet — his nuanced work, as an ambivalent scientist faced with his partner’s invention of time travel, was as always a pleasure to watch.

Avery Banks in Garage Band — this whole ensemble was terrific, but if I had to pick a fave it’d be Banks, who gave a terrific performance as the childish, spunky drummer.

Lauren Flors in Redbeard — I’m a sucker for a good pirate impression, and she played it to the hilt!

If you’d like to keep up with the RSDC (and you should), check out their Linktree, Facebook, or Instagram.



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